With a lot overlooking Christmas Lake, the clients took full advantage of this view to build their spacious and light-filled dream home for a growing family. Using a 4' grid pattern that maintained consistent room sizes, the details and openness, as well as clean lines, allowed a certain cohesion that wasn't fussy. Consistent selections for bathrooms, trim & doors, flooring and paint colors throughout the home reflect this cohesion. This home is unique in many elements... Wall-sized windows fill the house with sunshine. Ample space for children to play and create forts. Beauty and privacy in the master that allows for one to pamper oneself. Furnishing in beautiful, soft hues. Custom rugs, as well as durable and elegant fabrics for warmth and coziness. The Christmas Lake home is old world charm in a modern space, designed for the long term. 

Cohesive design. Open spaces. Warm furnishing. Beauty.

Photo Credit: Russell Heeter